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Marianne de Cocteau / コクトーのマリアンヌ

August 15, 2010

23 February 1960, France
Marianne by Jean Cocteau
engrave: Albert Decaris

I visited Notre Dame de France in Soho, after reading about a fresco by Jean Cocteau.  Drawings are free, poetic, calm but somehow humorous.  He also made a fresco in the church of Milly-la-Foret near Paris, where he spent his last years, and two years before he died he designed a stamp.  I love this stamp and its chic lightness, which contrasts with the country’s heavy history.

ジャン・コクトーの描いたフランス共和国の象徴「マリアンヌ」。池澤夏樹の『異国の客』でコクトーが教会に壁画を残したことを知り、ロンドンのソーホーにある教会 Notre Dame de Franceのものを見に行きました。ユーモアをたっぷり含む軽やかな線描を、1959年末に8日間滞在して彼自身が描いたのだそうです。独特の「軽やかさ」とヘビーなフランスの歴史の対比が、大好きなこの切手の妙なのではないかと思います。

forest heritage of the future / 資産としての森

August 15, 2010


22 September 1991, France
10th World Conference of Forestry
design and engrave: P. Lubin

This stamp is celebrating the 10th anniversary of international conference of forest.  I had impression that forest occupies a great part of counrty life of France and people think it has to be managed for future generations, as the words on this stamp suggest.  Not just timbers for industry, but variety of lives and rich produce of food is still very much appreciated, picked and sold in open air markets, which are opened in every towns and cities.


cycling in France / フランスの田園サイクリング

August 5, 2010

18 March 1972, France
‘Rural Postman of 1894’
design & engrave: J. Pheulpin

Cycling environment in France is advanced to compare to our situation in Britain.  Cycle lanes are well laid and sign posted both in towns and countryside, maintained.  Maps are nicely produced and effortless to follow scenic routes.  Especially I enjoyed hilly countryside of Poitou-Charentes nead Confolens – small beautiful river views and picturesque villages, as this stamp depicted.

This postman stamp is another example of Intaglio print, which I enjoy a lot with magnifier.