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50th Tour de France / ツールドフランス50回

July 15, 2010


12 Decemer 1963, Monaco
50th ‘Tour de France Cycle Race’
design & engrave: C. Durrens (25c), J. Pheulpin (50c)

This year’s Tour de France is the 97th of its event.  It started in 1903, suspended for 11 years at the World War Ⅰ and Ⅱ, then back on 1947.  This set of stamps are celebrating its 50th event, issued from Monaco. Top one depicts scene in 1903, when every racer had moustache and carried spare tires in case of puncture, the second one is a cyclist in 1963, when helmet was not worn.  I found an article in holga blog, collecting old photography of Tour de France, .

Both stamps are beautifully engraved Intaglio, especially the first one is showing details of tool bag on handle bar, great effort on racer’s face and excited spectators with moustache!





sprint on cobbles / 石畳を走り抜ける

July 5, 2010

1963 Belgium

Tour de France has stared last Sunday, today was the second stage in Belgium.  There were a few crashes last 2 days – the wet slopes are nasty for everyone.  One of three leading racers Maarten Wijnants was flying off when they got in the cobbled road yesterday – he had showed off that he was Belgium!

I was in Belgium at the end of June, took part in the Retro Ronde near Oudenaarde and cycled beautiful country lanes for 40 kilometers.  There were a few cobbled path and had shaken all parts of my body.  Belgium say ‘that is good for your health!’ but I don’t believe it – I had headache by wobbly eye sight.  The Tour will experience the longest cobbled road of Trouée d’Arenberg, 2.4 kilometers long, tomorrow in the third stage.

This stamp is from 1963, showing a close competition at a goal on cobbled road.

2日前の日曜からツール・ド・フランスが始まりました。オランダのロッテムダムにスタートし、ステージ2の今日は全行程がベルギー。昨日は、中盤のレースを引っ張った3レーサーのうちベルギー人のマールテン・ワイナンツ が、道が石畳になった瞬間に猛スピードで飛ばしてベルギー人であることを見せつけたのですが、先日参加したレトロ・ロンドというヴィンテージ自転車のイベントで、わたしもその石畳を体験し、全身の肉をぶるぶると震わせました。ベルギー人は「あれは身体にいい」と言うけど、視界が揺れ続け、頭痛がしました。

明日のツール・ド・フランスの第3ステージでは、2.4キロ続く石畳で有名なアランベール (Arenberg) の石畳道を通過するそうです。日本からのレーサーもたった一人、新城幸也が参加。がんばれ。