Danish classics 2 / ミキシング・ボール

May 4, 2010

6 November 1997 Denmark
Danish Design ( set of 4 )
design: M. Stürup / Lithography

top: The Margrethe-bowl by Bernadotte and Björn, 1957
below: Silver goblet by Georg Jensen ( 1866-1935 )

The rest two stamps of previous feature are product for cooking and tableware. Details are all in this Danish web site, Art on Stamps.  I did not know that Georg Jensen workshop was funded as early as 1904.  Also I did not know that the designer of these famous mixing bowl, Sigvard Oscar Frederik Bernadotte, was Swedish and son of King Gustav VI.  Although the bowl looks very democratic, it is named after HM Queen Margrethe Ⅱ of Denmark – ah, they were friends.


2 Responses to “Danish classics 2 / ミキシング・ボール”

  1. 下の記事のアントチェアーやヤコブセンと行った椅子シリーズ

    • Tomoko Says:


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