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musical children / 奏でる子供たち

May 12, 2010

*exch. 041 & 042 ( top / blue  & middle / white )

11 November 1969, Netherland
illustration: Dick Bruna

The first set of stamps illustrated by Dick Bruna, one of seasonal ‘Kinderzegels’ series.  He was 42 years old and his favorite colours were the same as fourty years later!


*exch. 043 ( top / yellow )

Miffy is touring / ミッフィー展、巡回

May 11, 2010

2005 Netherland
illustration: Dick Bruna

The exhibition of Go Go Miffy is touring several venues in Japan.  So, I will have a chance to see it in the future!

It is odd not to show stamps inside the ‘sorroundings’ – here you are.  The hiding Miffies come out to dance, write and sit.  The whole sheet was below ( not anymore in the condition… ).



Go Go Miffy / ゴーゴーミッフィー展

May 9, 2010

2005 Netherland
illustration: Dick Bruna

They are not stamps, but illustrated sorrundings of Miffy stamps of Netherland.  Miffy is a rabbit character of children’s books from 1950’s, which are still continued.  There is an exhibition in Tokyo named ‘Go Go Miffy‘, showing original drawings and artworks for printing – and tomorrow is the last day of this exhibition.  I am big fan of stamps designed by Dick Bruna and so pity not to see this exhibition…


Danish classics 2 / ミキシング・ボール

May 4, 2010

6 November 1997 Denmark
Danish Design ( set of 4 )
design: M. Stürup / Lithography

top: The Margrethe-bowl by Bernadotte and Björn, 1957
below: Silver goblet by Georg Jensen ( 1866-1935 )

The rest two stamps of previous feature are product for cooking and tableware. Details are all in this Danish web site, Art on Stamps.  I did not know that Georg Jensen workshop was funded as early as 1904.  Also I did not know that the designer of these famous mixing bowl, Sigvard Oscar Frederik Bernadotte, was Swedish and son of King Gustav VI.  Although the bowl looks very democratic, it is named after HM Queen Margrethe Ⅱ of Denmark – ah, they were friends.