Black Ship Inn


27 October 1980 Japan
‘Kurofune-ya’ painting by Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934)

The artist Yumeji Takehisa was an early example of commercial illustrator and a graphic designer, as well as a poet.  He was one of first artists who went abroad, tried to open a school for illustration and design.

This was painted on rolled silk on paper as ‘hanging’, around 1919.  The title of this painting ‘Black Ship Inn’ came from the wooden box the model is sitting on – a sign of an inn named after a large ship from America, led by Matthew C. Perry.  This ship, first arrived to Japan in 1853,  was the direct force for Edo Shogun to open the counrty.  Later, the image of Black Ship was turned positive, as symbol of Westernising and industrial development.

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原画:竹久夢二 (明治17 – 昭和9)


2 thoughts on “Black Ship Inn

  1. 初コメント、ふふふ。

    1. Dear Mizue
      そう、この『黒船屋』はわたしも母から譲り受けたものです。この原画は掛け軸だったようだけど、その後リソグラフになってたくさん世に出たみたいね。縦長の絵をoff centreで配したこの切手のデザインもけっこう好き。

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