135 years old 2

135年前の切手 -その2

1875 Denmark
design and engrave: P.C. Batz
printed maybe 1886 (8 öre) and 1895 (4 öre)

After featuring the latest set of stamps issued in 2010, I viewed my albums to find oldest stamps I like – and here they are.  Issued as definitive stamps in era of King Christian Ⅸ of Denmark, they were finely curved for typography ( relief ) printing.  Originally designed and issued in 1870, then when they changed ‘sk’ ( I don’t know how you called them ) to new currency ‘öre’ in 1875, they were gradually renewed and same design were issued until 1902.  Unlike other unimaginative monachy portrait in mono colour of that time, they have beautiful colour combination – Rose + pale grey and dark turquoise + slate green.


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