British Design Classics / 英国モダンクラシック

December 11, 2009


13 January 2009 United Kingdom
design: HGV
from top:
Mini Skirt: designed by Mary Quant, 1960’s
Mini: designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, 1959
Anglepoise Lamp: designed by George Carwardine, 1960’s
Conocorde: designed by Aerospatiale-BAC, 1970
K2 Tekephone Kiosk: designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, 1920’s
Polypropylene Chair: designed by Robin Day, 1962
Penguin Books: designed by Edward Young, 1980’s
London Underground Map: designed by Harry Beck, 1933
Routemaster Bus: design team let by AAM Durrant, 1940’s
Supermmarine Spitfire: designed by R J Mitchell, 1930’s

My best favorite British stamps of this year, 2009 – Design Classics.  Simple and straight forward – with White background and often a face view.  Nostallgic – as Creative Review blog describes, and still are familiar landscape of London. Minis are everywhere, each school has 100 Polypropylene chairs and no. 9 Routemaster is still taking us to Royal Albert Hall.


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