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Island in wave / 海に浮かぶ島々

November 19, 2009

1933 Denmark
issued 1990 ( 25 øre ) and 1983 ( 100 øre )
design by J. Therchilsen in 1906
engraver J. Britze ( original 1933 ) and Czeslaw Slania ( 25 øre )

Both based on a definitive stamp design from 1906, and modified a little bit in 1933.  It is graphically stabled and very clear to carry charactor of the country, as well as liberal enough to limit expression of the royal Coat of arms – many reasons could be think of why the design of this stamp had survived this long.


post woman / 郵便配達婦人

November 18, 2009

5  May 1988 Denmark
‘Transport and Communications’
Design by J. Frederiksen

Stylish post woman delivers your mails.  I saw several stamps featuring postal delivery on bicycle, but there is only one by female deliverer from Denmark, so far.  Maybe a lot more in the future?


tidy up, please / 道をきれいに

November 16, 2009

19 Sepptember 1991 Denmark
‘Keep Denmark Clean’
design by J. Hage
engraver A. Kühlmann

To bring a moral standard high – what a task of one small stamp to carry… When you see it well, then you realise the play set by the illustrator.  The drawing is made of continuous one line.  Really nice and lifted.


On a marché sur la Lune / 月世界探検

November 14, 2009


1999 Netherland
illustration by Hergé (1907-1983)

I think this is from ‘Explorers on the Moon’, one of the series of ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ by the great comic writer and artist.  I ofetn think about Cuteness or simply what appeal to me – this case, it is clearly Snowy, the dog… in a space suit with tail location.


star and love in your mind / 星とハート

November 11, 2009


25 November 1997 Netherland
‘Christmas telepathy’
design by Julia Kaiser

These stamps were posted by a friend of mine Ineke, a class mate from college, after she returned to her country.  I was familiar with British stamps by that time, but these Dutch colourful and very contemporary stamps made me very excited.  I normally do not like to remove self-adhesive stamps from envelope, but this time I used light fuel and enjoyed to collect them.


delta works completed / 堤防が完成しました

November 10, 2009


7 October 1986 Netherland
Storm Surge Map
design by Irene Klinkenberg and Nicole van Schouwenburg

Celebrating their works on delta protection completed, it shows how the storm tamed within controlled bay – so their birds are secured, too.  Again, a lot of information in small stamp – but nicely designed.  I like the little ‘c’ is located between 6 and 5, otherwise easy to be missed out.  75 cent stamp has illustration of people hand in hand, creating levee… a bit over-descriptive, isn’t it?


road signs / 道路標識

November 9, 2009


1 March 1983 Netherland
100 years of A.N.W.B.
design by Hans Kruit and René van Raalte

ANWB stands for Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (Dutch automobile association).  This is designed in typical manner of 1980’s Doutch stamps, with a lot of informatio in multicolour, together with photograph – but done in nice way.


Letters Only / 文字だけの構成

November 5, 2009


1946-57 Netherland
design by Jan van Krimpen

Difinitives of that time, first and second stamps ( 2 & 4 cents ) were issued in 1946, the rests were released in 1950’s. Decoration is from two ‘N’s of the name of the country.  Simple and Beautiful.