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Pigeon on a handlebar / 自転車とハト

October 17, 2009


30 May 1957, Romania
10th International Cycle Race
design: V. Grigorescu

Another handlebar design on stamp, this time it is pictured correct, I think. It is interesting how a part of particular object reveal the whole.  According to ”Bicycle Stamp” by Dan Gindling ( 1997, Motorbooks International ), this Peace Race was held to retain relationship between Czechslovakia and Poland after the World War Ⅱ, started from Warsaw, ended in Prague – then why stamp issued in Romania?

同じハンドルバーでもこちらは正しく描かれているようです。ある道具の一部分だけが描かれたら、それが何か分かる、というのは面白いですね。ダン・ギンドリング著『Bicycle Stamp』によると、この「Peace Race」は第二次世界大戦後のチェコスロバキアとポーランドの関係回復のために企画された自転車レースのようです。ワルシャワを出発し、プラハでゴール。あれ、ではなぜルーマニアで切手になっているのでしょう?

bicycle handle / 自転車のハンドル

October 16, 2009

1998 USA

A nicely designed coil stamp for prepaid standard class – but wait for moment, there is no down tube attached to head tube, handle bars looks odd as if the grip connected to a straight bar, and brake leaver is in wrong position… why did they choose a bicycle to be depicted for this stamp, if they did not have a bike to draw?


Lines of colours / スピーディーな縞

October 15, 2009


4 November 1983, USA
Olympics 84 Airmail stamps

As a big fan of Intaglio print method, there are not many stamps from USA which I am moved – but some rare exceptions make me very happy.  These stamps are beautifully composed, careful balance between illustration and background White, and coloured lines express speed of athletes.


Asian similarity? / アジア共通?

October 2, 2009

1960North Korea002

1960 North Korea

Not only Japanese stamp designers prefer the view point of bicycle racer.  Is this a trend in Far East – or this composition could be a golden balance?  This stamp seems issed together with  a velodrome stamp shown below.


1960North Korea003

same viewpoint again! / 同じアングル再び

October 1, 2009

*exch. 026

20 August 1990 Japan
design: Takashi Shimizu

Celebrating the 1990 World Cycling Championship, which was held in Japan – track race in Maebashi and road race in Utsunomiya.  Nicely designed stamp – and again, the viewpoinrt is same to the previous four stamps!  Why?  While many other bicycle stamps proof that a racer can be pictured in many other different viewpoints?