Nature Conservation Series / 動物保護

August 28, 2009

*exch.007 & 008

1974 (top) and 1976 (middle and botton) Japan
Nature Conservation Series: Mayailurus iriomotensis (Iriomote Wild Cat), Geoemyda spengleri japonica (Ryukyu Leaf Turtle), Rhacophorus arbreus

Mixed to methods of photogravure print and Intaglio, this set of express delicate texture of different aninals – rare species of Japan in 1976.

The Iriomote Wild Cat of first stamp is now critically endangered.  Ryukyu Leaf Turtle is endangered as well.  The frog is surviving all right!


追記:この3枚のうち、イリオモテヤマネコは現在国際保護動物になっていて、IUCN「絶滅寸前 Critically Endangered (CR)」、リュウキュウヤマガメもレッドリストに入っています。モリアオガエルだけは、まだたくさん居るようです。


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