windmill of New City?


19 April 1967, Finlan
350th Anniversary of Uusikaupunki in Nystad
designer: O. Vepsäläinen
Recess and Litho

My translator says New City, but yet to search.  It seems celebrating 50 years of a place, where an old wooden windmill is and has Two Fish coat of arms.

翻訳ソフトでは「New City」と訳したのだけど、詳細は不明。風車があって2匹の魚が紋章になっている場所の350周年を記念しているのではないかと思われます。

2 thoughts on “windmill of New City?

    1. Thank you for your comment and I saw your pictures. Beautiful windmills! It is 47 years since this stamp was made – I hope this windmill in Nystad is still there.

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