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Maxipes Fik / 育ちすぎ

May 12, 2009


30 May 2001, Czech Republic
illustration by Jiri Salamoun

Based on a illustrated children’s book titled ‘Maxipes Fik’, a story of puppy which is grown too soon too large and causes trouble.

子犬がどんどん大きくなって騒動を巻き起こす話の『Maxipes Fik』という絵本からのイラスト。自転車が小さく見えます。

Velocipede / 自転車のルーツ

May 11, 2009

1 October 1983, France
Pierre and Ernest Michaux’s Bicycle
design and engrave: J. Delpech

Issued for centenary of death of Pierre Michaux, who is regarded to be father of pedal-driven bicycle, together with his son Ernest.  Around the same time, Frenchman Pierre Lallement and Scotish Kirkpatrick Macmillan had invented simillar mechanism – Velocipede.  After this era, bicycle was developed to  ‘Ordinary’, which has large front wheel to reduce pedaling speed.



steel kettles / 鉄の茶瓶

May 8, 2009

*exch.003 & 004

8 August 1985 Japan

Traditional Arts and Crafts Series.  Photogravure with engraving depictis refine pattern on kettles, called Nanbu-Tekki, made in Iwate prefecture of North Eastern Japan.


wild cat or tiger? / 猫それとも虎?

May 7, 2009


1983 South Korea

This was the first stamp I bought for purpose for collection, when I traveled to Seoul in 1991.  Graphically modified beautiful stripy wild cat – in fact, it is a tiger – had its origin from folk painting of Korea.

コレクションの目的で買った最初の切手です。1991年にソウルのおみやげ店にて。凹版印刷のインクの盛り上がりがはっきり見える精緻な図柄と、少しだけずれた色版が愛らしい。トラかヤマネコか — 実は韓国の民芸絵画に描かれた虎でした。

holly square / クリスマスの飾り

May 6, 2009


30 November 1992 Netherlands
‘stylized Christmas rose’
design by Gielijn Escher

Crispness of frozen air at Christmas time.

Letter Writing Day / 手紙を書こう

May 5, 2009

*exch.001 & 002

23 July 1998 Japan
Letter Writing Day
illustration by Dick Bruna

Simple and heart warming.  They certainly make you feel to write to someone.


pheasant walk / キジ歩き(走り?)

May 4, 2009

5 May 1997 China
Rare Birds  ‘環頚雉’
design: 曽孝濂 & Inga-Karin Eriksson

I like pheasant, the way their tails bob around as they run cross the road.  Somehow I never see them flying.

This stamp was a joint issue between China and Sweden, on theme of rare birds.  Two stamps were issued and this one is depicting Swedish ‘Common Pheasant’.  Swedish stamps of same design has C. Slania’s name printed.




City for all/ すべての市民のための

May 3, 2009


5 October 1990 Denmark
Fredericia / City for All
design: K. Bassford
engrave: A. Kühlmann
Intaglio and embossed

A neat graphic and Braille express accessibility of Fredericia,  a town in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark.


Industrial Art / 工芸美術

May 2, 2009


15 February 1990 Denmark
Museum of Industrial Art
engrave: A. Kühlmann

It must had been made of Silver and Ebony.  I have to visit this museum, Kunstindustrimuseet.

Sweet world of postage stamps / 甘い匂いの切手

May 1, 2009


9 May 2001 Switzerland
design: R. Shraivogel and Y. Netzhammer

If you rub surface of this stamp, sweet chocolate scent is released.  Foil paper wrapping print is fantastic if you buy a sheet.